72: Chasing Unavailable Love and Unpacking Idealized Relationships with Matthew Hussey

Do The Work

26-04-2024 • 1 hr 7 mins

This week, Sabrina sits down with Matthew Hussey and the two delve deep into the complex world of love and relationships, share invaluable insights on the pitfalls of cherishing potential over reality in romantic pursuits.

Sabrina opens up about the personal journey that led her to understand the futility of chasing after the unavailable, and discover how tough conversations became the pivotal tool for recognizing genuine reciprocity in her relationships.

Our conversation navigates through the intriguing concept of "living in the blue" within text message exchanges, signifying the balance of effort in communication. Matthew bravely parallels chronic physical pain with the emotional toll of being single, leading to a candid discussion about the pursuit of happiness, whether alone or with a partner.

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