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Ben & Huey
Ben & Huey
BEN REDFERNIt Certainly is, vote Ben #1Reason for Standing (Manifesto)Hi, I’m Ben Redfern and I am running for President of Opportunities. Over the past 2 years, we’ve seen perhaps the biggest change to everyday living than we ever have. With this, people have had to adapt, and the Student Union is no different; every single society has had to make sacrifices in order to continue running. But this is our year, this is our chance to make our mark. It’s more important than ever that we come together as a community. Each society and sports teams are unique in their own way but the thing that draws us all together is that we’re all part of one union. I believe it’s our duty to come together to create an environment where everyone can play their part in making our Union great.Having been a part of JAM Radio for the past 4 years I have been able to connect and see many aspects of the union. I’ve learnt that by working together we have the capacity of creating great things. I believe it is important to sustain the good relationships between the union and societies, but, this is a new role and this means new opportunities. I want to make this a space where students don’t feel disconnected from their union but a place where we can all come together as equals.In this role, I will bring collaboration, revitalisation, support and connection.So, vote #1 for me.We are one Student's union, we are one Hull.Hi, My name is Huey, and I am running to be your President of Union Development. My priorities will be:. ACCOMMODATION I am committed to representing students’ interests on accommodation, holding the university to account on these issues.. ADDITIONAL COSTS I will continue work combating additional costs faced by students.. INTERNATIONAL I will develop partnerships with Uni’s and SU’s abroad to ease the transition to the UK for international students.. APP I will make the HUSU APP a priority, so that students can be better connected with their union.. SUSTAINABILITY I will develop a sustainability management policy and hold the university to account on their sustainability goals.. COMMERCIAL SERVICES I will be closely involved with our bars, shop, and club always putting the student experience first.. SAFTEY AND SUPPORT I will continue tackling sexual violence in our community and represent student voices on a national level. I will also prioritise mental health support for all students.. COMMUNITY I will engage with businesses and charities in our local community creating opportunities for our students and student groups.My time in Hull has been amazing, I am passionate about representing students and I have the experience to do so.I have been a Treasurer, a Course rep, a Part Time Officer, and sat as a Student Trustee.I am proud of what I have achieved whilst in Hull and I want to give back by serving as your president.Find me @ Hosted on Acast. See for more information.