Members Preview | 642: The White Beast

The Confessionals

11-04-2024 • 21 mins

In episode 642: The White Beast, Nathan recounts his encounters with a creature dubbed the 'white beast' in the Ozarks, detailing two sightings of a large, faceless entity during his teens, similar to an experience his mother had. He differentiates this creature from Bigfoot, adding to a tapestry of paranormal activity in the area, including tales of interdimensional experiences, a lost girl in a cave, and the mystique of owls. These incidents are part of broader paranormal phenomena involving his family, spanning haunted houses, mysterious sounds, and other eerie encounters, contributing to a decision to move from their current home. Nathan also speaks of alarming occurrences in his household, like strange sleepwalking episodes, objects moving unaided, and a face on a baby monitor, alongside ancestral tales of witchcraft. He plans to move, hoping to escape the unrelenting paranormal activity, and invites others to share similar experiences or theories.

Sasquatch and the Missing Man
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