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Animals, especially our pets, have a lot to say and share. During this podcast, you will hear different animals communicate amazing stories. Animal Communicator Cathy Malkin interviews different species, including pets using the silent language of telepathy and then gives them a "voice" so you can better understand their thoughts, feelings and viewpoints. Each episode features different animals who give you an intriguing and holistic perspective of their spiritual nature directly from them. For more info about Cathy and her practice visit read less
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Dog Reincarnates 3 Times: A Fascinating Story Of A Dog's Journey Through Life
Dog Reincarnates 3 Times: A Fascinating Story Of A Dog's Journey Through Life
Do you believe in reincarnation?  Have you ever wondered what happens to your pet after they die? In this episode, we will talk with a dog who was reincarnated and returned to his pet mom 3 times. We'll be talking about what the dogs remember from their previous life, how his pet mom recognizes them, and what this means for the afterlife.  According to my experience personally and from communicating with many different animals who have transitioned, it's clear that animals do reincarnate and come back to us as the same or another species. This may sound far-fetched, but in the new episode of my podcast, Cara and I will talk about her dogs, BJ, Bojangles, Boz Skaggs and Bud. BJ was electrocuted in a tragic swimming pool accident. I first communicated with BJ a few weeks after he transitioned. In that conversation, BJ shared that he planned to reincarnate as her new dog, Bojangles. She says that when she got Bojangles, he had the same personality as BJ and even knew things BJ knew. Bojangles was also a black Labrador retriever like BJ. Bojangles lived a long and happy life with Cara. After he transitioned, he told Cara he planned on reincarnation as her new dog. You will hear about how she found Boz Skaggs at the direction of Bojangles and BJ. Like his predecessors, Boz knows things BJ and Bojangles know. Boz is also a black Labrador retriever. Bud, her husband's black Labrador retriever, started the reincarnation process. It's quite a great tail that you don't want to miss.  Want to learn more about me? Visit