How to Ditch (or Limit) Alcohol in 2024 with Kelsey Moreira

Financial Feminist

18-01-2024 • 1 hr 10 mins

CW: This episode discusses sexual abuse. The sober-curious movement has grown substantially in recent years as women especially begin to re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol. During the pandemic, levels of drinking skyrocketed, which has a direct impact on our mental and physical health, and of course, our wallets. In this re-release from July 2023, we’re joined by Kelsey Moreira, founder of Doughp, the cookie dough company with a mission to help women in recovery, to talk about her journey as a sober business owner. We also dive into her time on Shark Tank, including the hypocritical reason her company was passed up for funding and ultimately how she overcame the setback to build a business she loves. Read transcripts, learn more about our guests and sponsors, and get more resources at Not sure where to start on your financial journey? Take our FREE money personality quiz! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit