106. Inside the Mind of Creative Agency CEO Savannah Jordan

Under the Influence Podcast

05-07-2023 • 33 mins

Meet Savannah Jordan, CEO & founder of Alpha Creative Agency, a marketing agency focused on creating powerful and impactful marketing strategies for their clients that lead to effortless visibility, brand recognition, authority, and sales. Savannah's background is in operations and marketing, and as an entrepreneur from the age of 18, she understands not only what it takes to make a business successful but to market it successfully. Today we chat about the mindset it takes to own agencies like ours as well as some of Savannah’s past struggles, practicing mental toughness, and her best tips for powerful personal branding.

In this episode, we chat:

  • How to overcome challenges when you want to give up
  • The mindset needed to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Savannah’s strict morning routine and practicing mental toughness
  • Best tips for powerful personal branding and knowing your audience

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