Illogic Returns for a Visit on the DOD45 Show with ArtByTai - *Full Episode 43

The DOD45 Show

05-01-2023 • 1 hr 41 mins

On this episode 43 of the DOD45 show, fresh out of almost retiring, @Illogic614 returns with @ArtByTai and Adrienne to discuss his recent album The Transition.

One of Illogic’s favorite film directors is Christopher Nolan, which inspires Tai to draw him a picture based on the independent film Memento.

Illogic sets the record straight of who played Batman best, and who did it the worst. He also shares his favorites to play The Joker.

They also envision scenarios of what kind of music Illogic could make collaborating with people like Billie Eilish or Billie Holiday.

And we learn that Illogic loves pasta, but is that enough to lessen his dislike for Guy Fieri and Tai asks the question, does Cincinnati Chili qualify as pasta?……It is a spaghetti base.

Mr. Dibbs hits Illogic with an astounding question that sparks some laughter and we learn about some very ambiguous laws in the state of Ohio.

And finally, would Illogic be a better character in a Kill Bill movie or a Bill & Ted’s movie? He answers that and other mental questions about Mork & Mindy, Mindy Kaling & pigeon feeding.....

So twist your head back in Kilter, abandon trying to figure out the movie Tenet & enjoy this discussion with Illogic, aka Jawhar Glass on this episode of The DOD45 Show.

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