The Last Stop

Manny Disla

Manny is back and better than ever with a new name! Listen in on his thoughts on everything from the news, sports, and music. He’s here to leave an everlasting imprint on the culture. read less
In this hilarious podcast episode, join Manny, Lavonte, John, and Kenny, four lifelong friends from New York, as they dive into the age-old debate: are aliens real or not? With witty banter and their unique perspectives, the guys explore extraterrestrial possibilities while never taking themselves too seriously. Amid the alien discussion, the conversation takes a side-splitting turn as they dissect Manny's questionable Hinge and Tinder profiles. From awkward selfies to cringeworthy taglines, the group's roasting session brings endless laughs and self-deprecating humor. Transitioning to the topic of trendy NYC spots, the friends recount their misadventures trying to navigate the city's hottest locales. Their hysterical anecdotes capture the essence of city life, from getting lost in the subway system to accidentally entering exclusive clubs. As the episode unfolds, the friends reminisce about wild summer nights out on the town, filled with drinks, parties, and unforgettable memories. With uproarious tales of misadventures, mistaken identities, and questionable dance moves, their storytelling paints a vivid picture of their camaraderie and carefree spirit. Tune in to this uproarious comedy podcast to experience the bond of four New York pals as they tackle aliens, online dating mishaps, city escapades, and the unforgettable moments that define their friendship. Get ready to laugh, relate, and enjoy a front-row seat to their uproarious conversations!   follow Kenny - @kenzowitthelenzo follow Manny - @mannydisla follow John - @vintage.j_ follow Lavonte - @la.vonte