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Make this YOUR Year to plan THE Dream Hunt of a Lifetime in Colorado! Imagine yourself planning your dream adventure for the first time and realizing how daunting a task it can be to be a successful rifle or archery hunter in the Colorado Rockies. Before you head west, you need to ask yourself these questions… Where do I want to hunt? When should I hunt? What big game animal do I want to hunt? How do I hunt my species? The planning of a western hunting trip is daunting at the minimum for the first timer, and it gets easier once you have gained personal experience, but the problem is that planning a western hunt is always changing. My 30 years of on the ground experience will save you hours in planning and help you become more confident. Greater peace of mind & adventure! No more stress of when and where to go. Guidance on building your budget. Support with building a hunt plan. Informational Webinars with bonus tips Private Community Industry discounts (easily save more than the investment to join!) Become a Founding Member of Hutch On Hunting to join hunters like you. Weekly I will be interviewing the best of the best, teaching tips, techniques and creating a fantastic hunting community. read less
Hutch On Hunting presents Top Ten Mistakes Hunters make in Colorado
Hutch On Hunting presents Top Ten Mistakes Hunters make in Colorado
Welcome to “Hutch On Hunting “and I’m Bruce Hutcheon. During the past 4 decades I’ve had the opportunity to live and hunt the Colorado Rockies.Over the years, I’ve seen hundreds of hunters travel to the mountains to gettheir elk, only to leave disappointed.Elk hunting in the Rockies can be a challenging and rewarding experience. New (and evenseasoned) elk hunters often make some common mistakes that can impact theirsuccess and safety. To help YOU avoid making those same mistakes, I’m going toshare with you the top ten mistakes and what you should do instead. Be sure towatch until the end because number 10 could be the make or break on whetheryour hunt is a good one. 1.      Lack of physical preparation: Elk hunting requires hiking in ruggedterrain at high elevations. Failing to prepare physically can lead to fatigueand reduced hunting effectiveness.2.      Underestimating the shooting distance: Beginners often misjudgethe distance between themselves and the elk, resulting in inaccurate shots andmissed opportunities.3.      Ignoring wind direction: Elk has an excellent sense of smell,and failing to pay attention to wind direction caused by thermals can lead tothe hunter's scent being detected, causing the elk to flee.4.      Not scouting beforehand: Lack of scouting can lead tounfamiliarity with the area, elk behavior, and potential hunting spots,reducing the chances of success.5.      Using improper gear: Inadequate hunting gear, such as noisyclothing or low-quality optics, can scare away elk or hinder the huntingexperience.6.      Over calling: Novice hunters sometimes overuse elk calls, whichcan make elk wary and hesitant to approach.7.      Poor shot placement: Inaccurate shooting or improper shotplacement can result in wounded animals and challenging tracking scenarios.8.      Inadequate field dressing knowledge: Not knowing how to properlyfield dress an elk can spoil the meat and make packing out more challenging.Your harvest is some of the finest organic meat in the world, take care of it.9.      Lack of patience: Impatience can lead to hasty decisions andmissed opportunities. Waiting for the right shot or the right moment is crucialin elk hunting.10.    Disregarding safety measures: New hunters may not fullyunderstand the potential risks associated with hunting in the backcountry.Ignoring safety precautions can lead to accidents or getting lost.To avoid these mistakes, new elk hunters should consider enlisting the help ofexperienced guides, attending hunting workshops or seminars, and investing timein thorough preparation and practice before heading out to the Rockies.My first elk hunt was an archery rut hunt above Rifle Colorado with friends from Wisconsin.I used my whitetail tactics to spot and stake a spike bull in the dark timberand missed my shot, but I was hooked. (Thanks Dwight Schuh)So, if YOU want to leverage my years of experience and expertise for YOUR hunt, join ourexclusive Hutch On Hunting Membership program where you can collaborate with me1:1 PLUS get access to deep-dive training on some of the most sought-after topics relating to hunting in Colorado. We have three membership...