006: Leadership is an INSIDE job #SoulCEO

SoulCEO Podcast with Rachel Pekarek

14-01-2021 • 29 mins

If you want to become an LEGENDARY leader, a LEGACY LEADER, it starts from the inside out.

Speaking specifically of America - that is a “keeping up with the Jones’ culture and a society that is truly steeped in the marks of achievement and production… we are WIIIRREEED to focus on the external.

We work harder on the external then we do on the internal.
We work harder on activity.
We work harder on quotas.
We work harder on our image, our persona, our mask.
We work harder on putting numbers on the board.

But this will ultimately create hallow leadership.

In today's episode I'm going to share 3 concepts of the INNER WORK and how to begin shifting your focus on the importance of WHO YOU ARE not just WHAT YOU DO.

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