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38. Pet Meds; You are Barking Up the RIGHT Tree!
38. Pet Meds; You are Barking Up the RIGHT Tree!
This month’s countertop chat with host Justin Baker will feature special guest, MWI Animal Health’s Pet Whisperer Alison Hodgson, as they “paw-nder” a new non-PBM revenue generating revenue opportunity that is near and dear to all of us.  Being a growing $3B retail and $19B pet OTC market, studies have shown that pet owners want to purchase pet products for their fur babies from someone they can trust, putting this “paw-some” “opp-purr-tunity” for independent pharmacies at the top of that list.  This booming new market segment is positioned “purr-fectly” for independents, as these animal-y-tics shared that; 45% of Americans buy their pet a birthday gift73% of Americans let their pets sit on the couch95% consider their pet part of the family   Alison points out that her research demonstrates that most families want to get their medications for ALL of their family members in one place (including their fur babies), and that high income households account for roughly 60% of the spending, because money is no object, with our four- legged friends.  As you develop your stores personal brand, this niche will build loyalty like no other, will garner a profitable cash business, and “dif-fur-entiate” your store from the chains.  From passing out dog treats in your drive through window, to “pet-working” with local veterinarians, Alison shares tips and tricks on how to gain visibility and market share.  The growth “pet-ential is limitless”.