Unlocking Masculine Leadership By Dissolving The Predator Within

Consciousness and Leadership For Awakening Men

14-07-2023 • 1 hr 1 min

Join Spence in this transformative episode that dives into the realms of masculine leadership and the journey of the awakening man. If you're seeking to elevate your consciousness to 5D, this episode is your starting point to creating a life of impact, freedom, and fulfillment.
In this episode, we explore the ancient Matrix program known as the predator program, which lies at the root of all the pain and trauma our world has experienced. Discover how this energy has affected not only an awakening man's physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental states but also caused environmental, social, and financial obstacles.
Unravel the secrets of dissolving the predator program, which will empower you to create the New Earth. Unveiled are unique strategies to unleash your leadership potential, expand your consciousness and break free from the predator program that is holding you back from true fulfillment.
This podcast episode will provide you with the insights and tools to step into your power and unleash the life you desire. Get ready to embrace a new paradigm of leadership, consciousness and freedom as an awakened man.

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