How To Thrive in Real Estate Through Multifamily Housing With Michael Rotch of Bonaventure

Enterprise Builders Podcast

02-11-2022 • 33 mins

Michael Rotch is the Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis at Bonaventure, a vertically integrated real estate company specializing in property management, investment management, architectural design, and development of multifamily rental properties. Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, Bonaventure is considered one of the top 15 most experienced HUD developers in the US and has completed over $2.25 billion in transactions, $500 million in HUD loans, and manages over 5,800 units.

Before Bonaventure, Michael spent five years in investment banking, focusing on mergers and acquisition analysis and turnaround management. He established the financial planning department at Bonaventure, concentrating on merger and acquisition analysis, turnaround management, and strategic initiatives for the company. Michael also served as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, where he was deployed in Iraq.

In this episode…

Real estate is a volatile industry, with price increases and rising interest rates affecting housing acquisitions. As a business in this industry, how can you scale to achieve continued success?

Many people are considering multifamily housing due to the high-priced market. Michael Rotch believes this is a profitable trend investors should leverage to grow their business and maximize return on capital. When developing multifamily housing, it’s crucial to acquire joint venture partnerships to mitigate risks and competition. For a successful investment, business owners must also facilitate a satisfying tenant experience.

On this episode of The Enterprise Builders Podcast, Scott Swearingen welcomes Michael Rotch, Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis at Bonaventure, to discuss how to succeed in the real estate industry through multifamily housing. Michael explains considerations for the development and acquisition of multifamily housing, how to evaluate joint venture partnerships, and the benefits of an upgrade transaction.