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Nymph Girlfriend In Wild Group Sex With The Guests.
Nymph Girlfriend In Wild Group Sex With The Guests.
Welcome, darling to the Wild Pleasures Erotica by Pleasure Media Home Entertainment. Your pleasure. Utopia spice up and finish great Your day with unlimited free sexy stories made especially for you curved, from all genres of your fetish favorites, click on the subscribe button and be availed of fresh episodes weekly. We urge you to leave us reviews and show ratings on your preferred podcast listening platform to have the most pleasurable experience and we will see you again soon on the next episode of, explore Whiled erotica. Pleasure media entertainment. Zero pressure. Just Pleasure. Thank you. Enjoy. [0:46] The title of this post is bring a friend actually bring to sit back and enjoy the story. [0:54] I've taken more cocks inside me than weeks I've spent in Seattle. I've only lived here for two weeks and they were all taken at the same time. I couldn't help myself the past two months saw me finish school with two degrees. Get a new job, dumped my cheating sack of ship boyfriend, and moved cross country. I deserved it. I met Michael, a tall, dark, sexy, muscular men hung like a horse. He worked at the office and the entire time he was setting up my computer explaining the company drives, folders, and other tech stuff. I didn't give a shit about. [1:28] My eyes were drawn to the thick bulge in his dinner. He pretended not to notice, but I knew he did all day. My panties were soaked thinking of his cock inside me pounding me relentlessly like the slut. I wish I was actually the slut I am is more accurate during lunch, I got to talk with him, I forget how we got on the subject, but he showed me a picture of him and his gorgeous friends, I don't know what came over me, but I told him you should come over, bring your friend both of them sure enough he did and all three of them fucked me within an inch of my life, he brought over Kevin, an Asian male with a golden tongue with expert precision. He gave me a mind-blowing, legs shaking, back, arching toes, curling, eye-rolling up your bills orgasm, but that wasn't all. He brought it to the table. He worked as an athletic trainer and had the muscles and strength to dominate me. However, he wanted powerful arms that could pick me up and funk me against a wall with these and abs that I could grind meat on, I made sure to return the favor by bouncing on his perfect cock until I drained every drop his balls had to give. Secondly, there was Tyler. Tyler was the most impatient lover of the three. I may not ever be in the mood to deal with his square jaw, blue eyes, and his gorgeous blonde locks, just one on one. He was a nearly perfect performer while I was getting my whole stuff, we could barely kiss for a moment without him pulling at me ripping my clothes off. [2:50] Grabbing my ass or tits fucking me as fast as he can. He wanted as much of me as he could get it every second. Even when my attention is clearly on two other cocks in the room. It made me feel sexier and more desired. Being at the mercy of the three of them, especially him. The last session I was sucking off Kevin while Michael was sucking me and Tyler ripped me away from both of them and pinned me down on the floor and sucked me until I was sore, then fucked me again. Finally, I had Michael, the dark-skinned man with the Pringles can a lover that needs no introduction, 10 inches of fat cock, and knew how to use every single one of them. Tyler came in my pussy first. Then Kevin and Michael decided he was going to show them how it was supposed to be done. [3:34] My overstuffed twat had the come of two men in it and he still somehow found a way to stretch me out to my limit before dumping his cum in me. He was so deep inside me. It felt like it was directly in my stomach. So when I healed up from our raunchy focus, I texted Michael, are you all free today? He replies instantly, I see you couldn't stay away from us too long. Law. Two hours sounds good. Bring your friends wasting no time. I dash into