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Ethical Summits with Jenn Drummond
Ethical Summits with Jenn Drummond
A car accident in 2018 left Jenn Drummond awestruck and emboldened. Rescue workers couldn’t imagine any scenario where she came out of it alive, but she did. That’s when she realized you don’t get to choose when you leave this life…but you sure can choose how you live it. Strengthened by this awareness, she set out to live in a more authentic and adventurous way. Inspired to climb a mountain for her birthday, her son raised the stakes by suggesting Mount Everest. Not one to back down from a challenge, she accepted the pursuit. During her training, her coach upped the ante and proposed that she go for a Guinness World Record and become the first woman to climb the 7 second summits. The pursuit matched her desire to live a life of significance, not just success. Today, Jenn is a world record holder who elevates others to master their own summit in life. She’s a successful business owner and Mom of 7 remarkable kids who, as you have heard, boldly inspire and brazenly challenge her. She’s also an international speaker, author, and Host of the Seek Your Summit podcast, who’s focused on inspiring others to go beyond success to a life of significance. Jenn is an absolute miracle and inspiration whose stories take you on a journey with her resilience, survival and a living example that we can do hard things - please enjoy the highs and lows of Jenn’s story and the lessons on the other side. This podcast is brought to you by Ethical Change Agency. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit