Who is taking home the CFP Natty?

High Low Sports

04-01-2024 • 1 hr 1 min

On this week's episode, DJ and Kelcey preview the College Football national championship game, plus the Bears are officially on the clock, what will they do this April? Visit https://www.magicmind.com/JANhighlow and enter the code HIGHLOW20 for up to 75% off your subscription with our code. Use code "BellyUpSports" for $20 off your first order at Seat Geek! 7-day free trial of Outlier, just head over to outlier.bet/HighLowSports to get started today! Follow us on all our socials: Twitter: @High_Low_Sports Instagram: @HighLowSports Facebook: High Low Sports Podcast TikTok: @HighLowSports YouTube: @HighLowSportsPod High Low Sports Podcast is a couple of sports fans who like to rant, recap, and rank different categories across the sports world without the theatrics. We like to have fun without turning things into a screaming match. We like to break things down in ways anyone can understand and learn more about football, basketball, baseball, soccer, mma, and more! When help win your fantasy football leagues, maximize your sports betting parlay, and much more! Subscribe today and never miss and upload!