1: The Competitive Advantage of Psychological Safety: Improving Company Culture and Bottom Line

Stepping Into your Leadership

04-10-2023 • 26 mins

On this episode of "Stepping into your Leadership", host Christine Courtney and guest Greg Shamie dive into the topic of psychological safety in the workplace. They discuss how an environment of trust and respect leads to increased performance and the importance of being a leader who prioritizes creating psychological safety for their team. Greg shares his approach to creating a psychologically safe environment, focusing on meeting people where they are and slowly building up to more personal or high-stakes discussions. Christine also reflects on a time where she mishandled power dynamics and publicly criticized her team, leading to a lack of psychological safety. The podcast also covers the neuroscience behind psychological safety, and provides insight into why it's crucial to prioritize this in the workplace. Tune in to learn how to create a psychologically safe environment for your team!

[00:00:57] "Exploring Psychological Safety in Leadership with Greg Shammy"

[00:03:18] "The Power of Psychological Safety in Workplaces"

[00:08:16] "When Power Dynamics Hinder Productivity: Reflections"

[00:13:39] Greg's Four Stages of Growth and Empowerment

[00:16:43] Creating a Safe Environment for Interactive Workshops

[00:18:29] "Transformative Workshop Turns Disbeliever into Advocate"

[00:22:46] Creating Psychological Safety in Team Meetings.

[00:26:31] "Guru's failures lead to psychologically safe spaces"

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