77 Where Can I Read Your Books for Free?

Get My Book Out There Podcast

02-08-2022 • 8 mins

We have had some interesting and even curly questions asked over the years. As S.E. Smith is a wide author and not in Kindle Unlimited (KU), by far the most popular curly question from readers is, "How do I read your books for free?".
In this podcast, Narelle discusses the approach her and Susan use to respond to readers seeking free books. Rather than ignore, send to spam, or shame, Narelle and Susan's approach is to entice the reader to read the free books S.E. Smith makes available on her website with a view to converting the reader into a paying reader.
Click on the link below for our  Quick Guide which provides you with examples of curly questions we have been asked over the years and samples of our responses.
Areas covered in this Quick Guide include:
  • Why Aren't You in Kindle Unlimited / KU?
  • Where Can I Get Free Copies of Your Books?
  • Price of Books
  • 99c Promos
  • Leaving Amazon

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