Review your monthly mortgage statement in November

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23-11-2023 • 5 mins

Review your statement to see if your property taxes jumped up, especially the homeowners insurance.
I reviewed mine before doing this video and my insurance went up from 1900 to 2700 a year. I am going to shop it and see if I can do better.
Do you have a monthly PMI? cab you get rid of that now with values going up?
It is important to make sure your escrows are reviewed.
Last year my servicer on my mortgage took the escrow each month and paid down the mortgage, when they did their review I had my escrows go up to make up for what they did.
Next year when I do refinances when rates come down, It shocks me to on who forgot to File for HOmestead, I have seen insurance double and no one paid attention. So, with the costs of everything skyrocketing please take a few minutes and review your monthly mortgage statement
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