Shred Shack Podcast, Ep. 036: A Second Coming

Shred Shack Podcast

27-12-2021 • 2 hrs 7 mins

Ep. 036: In this content-packed installment, your favorite heavy metal caballeros  discuss even more Guns N Roses business before taking a look at the  latest from Otep and Surgical Meth Machine. General, recording, touring  and charting news is discussed for various artists. Chris and Pete  discuss their experience catching Exmortus, Entombed A.D. and Amon  Amarth earlier in the week before Dan discusses his experience catching  Powerman 5000 on Thursday and Green Jelly on Friday. Pat and Reece from  the NY side of things offer up a new Top 10 list in the form of the Top  10 Heavy Metal Mascots as well as some snippets of their interview with  Next To None. I, Apollo is covered in this week's Social Media  Highlight, which also includes the TX side of the Shred Shack getting  their first band interview in. We close out the show with a brief  discussion about who ought to be considered for the Rock and Roll Hall  of Fame soon considering the frequent snubbing of some and the easy  access of others.