Passive Income - The Glorious Exception or a Red Flag?

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01-04-2024 β€’ 12 mins

πŸŽ™οΈ Passive Income - The Glorious Exception or a Red Flag?

Is passive income the magic pill to create the perfect business, or is it a red flag sending you on a wild goose chase with the promise of no work for lots of money?
Let's unpack this together.

🚩 Why Passive Income Might Be a Red Flag 🚩

Sarah shares her thoughts on why pursuing passive income could be counterintuitive for female entrepreneurs like you. The essence of passive, meaning to do nothing, doesn't align with the spirit that led you to start your own business. It's about influence, control, and direct action – not sitting back and hoping for the best.

The Reality of Income Streams

Sarah explores the efforts behind seemingly effortless gains of traditional passive income streams. Whether it's real estate or stock investments, action and maintenance are inevitable. It's a gentle reminder that every income stream, passive or not, demands something from us – be it time, money, or energy.

The Appeal vs. The Reality

Sure, the idea of earning money in your sleep is alluring, but is it practical? Sarah challenges this notion, encouraging a mindset shift towards value exchange and active engagement in your business. It's not just about setting and forgetting; it's about continuous effort, learning, and adapting.

Building a Leveraged Business

Yes, you can create systems that generate income with less day-to-day input, but it requires initial (and ongoing) action. From developing a product or service that people want, to setting up a sales and delivery system, there's work to be done. And in a changing world, maintenance and adaptation become your constants.

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