The Christmas Conundrum: Saying No to the Festive Frenzy 🎄

The Moxie Movement

01-12-2023 • 12 mins

🎙️ Welcome to a special December episode of The Moxie Movement podcast with your host, Sarah Greener. In this episode, we're diving headfirst into the holiday hustle - a time filled with tinsel, tasks, and... tension?

🌟 Episode Overview: December can be a whirlwind of deadlines and decorations, especially for us business-savvy moms. This episode is a heart-to-heart about managing the festive frenzy, balancing business with the chaos of Christmas, and most importantly, the power of saying "No."

📆 Key Topics:

  • The Christmas Deadline: A Myth We've Crafted?
  • Balancing Business and Festive Preparations
  • Strategies to Manage End-of-Year Workload
  • The Importance of Family Time During the Holidays
  • Saying "No" for a More Joyful Christmas

👩‍💼 For the Business Mums: Sarah talks candidly about managing the December rush both at home and in business. From Christmas dinners to client deadlines, this episode is packed with tips to navigate this busy season without losing sight of what truly matters.

💬 Key Takeaway: It's not just about getting through December; it's about enjoying it. Remember, saying "No" can often mean saying "Yes" to joy, presence, and peace of mind.

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