Chart Your Own Course: Ditching ’Shoulds’ for a Business That Truly Lights You Up

The Moxie Movement

13-11-2023 • 12 mins

Hey there, Moxie Movers! 🌟 It's Sarah Greener, and you're tuning into the 13th episode of the Moxie Movement podcast, where we dive deep into the heart of building a business that's not just profitable but personally fulfilling too. Today's episode is a game-changer for anyone feeling trapped in the cycle of 'shoulds' and obligations.

🔊 Listen as I share my own journey from living the dream on a beach in Thailand to navigating the challenges of traditional business models. Discover why breaking free from what others think you 'should' do is key to creating a business that truly resonates with you.

🌊 We explore the tricky balance between doing what lights you up and handling the necessary tasks that serve your business. I open up about the early days with my partner Jonny, kayaking, and living on a boat – moments of pure joy and simplicity. But as life evolves, so do our businesses. We delve into the shift from being solely passion-driven to the reality of running a business with all its demands.

👩‍💼 For all the business-savvy moms and women out there, this episode is a call to take a look at all the 'shoulds' in your business. Learn to spot the language that keeps you chained to obligations and how to shift to actions that serve you and light you up.

🔄 Transform your 'shoulds' into 'coulds' and then into actions that align with your vision. Whether it's networking, joining associations, or managing day-to-day tasks, discover how to make choices that truly serve you and your business goals.

💡 We'll talk about:

- The illusion and pitfalls of following someone else's template.

- The journey from obligation to alignment in business.

- Balancing passion with practicality in entrepreneurship.

- The power of language in shaping your business direction.

- Practical tips to align your business actions with your personal goals.

🌟 This episode isn't just about business strategies; it's about redefining success on your terms and building a life and business that truly reflects who you are.

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Remember, ladies, it's time to shed the weight of 'shoulds' and step into a business that lights you up. Let's build that moxie and become the glorious exception together!

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