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Join me and hear from today's leaders. Whether they are running a privately owned business, leading a team within an organization, or heading up not for profits they all have people they lead and manage. What have they learned about leading a team? What are some of the techniques they have used to get the best from their teams? How have they handled the difficult conversations with team members? This podcast is a relaxed interview style format that is perfect to listen to whilst you are heading to and from work. We hope you love to learn from others and their experiences.
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Ep13 - Torrin Minutillo - Attergy
Ep13 - Torrin Minutillo - Attergy
In this episode, we meet Torrin Minutillo from Attergy. Torrin has a successful Real Estate Business however he has moved into a Business Coaching role where he helps leaders navigate their business journey.The conversation around above-the-line and below-the-line interactions is particularly interesting as we discover the importance of courage.A Seasoned Business Veteran, Proven Under Fire.Torrin Minutillo began his entrepreneurial career back in 1989, cutting his teeth in theretail space. The first venture at the tender age of 24 was in the video rentals business.Within a few short years he was part-owner in 3 locations. This was a time beforemobile phones and internet instant communication.By building businesses in those times, he began to understand the power ofconnection and creating a customer experience which was to become thefoundational platform for his success in years to come. Of course, no one could knowhow the world would evolve – as we know from history, video library stores went theway of the dodo.Fast forward a period of 18 years after starting, buying, and selling 8 differententerprises. Torrin arrived at a career in real estate, establishing his own agency in2007 that focused on commercial real estate sales, leasing and propertydevelopment. At the age of 44 with a young family and business going very well, heran into the global economic crash of 2008, which almost wiped him out.Upon reflecting, he realized he did not deal with the crisis very well but learnt somehuge lessons. Torrin managed to keep the real estate business afloat, then got backin the saddle with renewed vigour and a mindset geared around growth and change.Rather than being a reactive business owner, he began to use his research,observations, and experiences to create different habits, behaviours, and responses.The result was dramatically increased success and a new way of doing businessusing an inner game operating system created from internal strength. Moreimportantly, this newfound success gave rise to an idea.Over time, Torrin developed it into a system, one that he now refers to as The InnerGame. It was through the process of rebuilding the commercial real estate companyand meeting a lot of business owners from every part of the spectrum that sparkedhis interest in wanting to know what made the high performers achieve what they didand what made the strugglers stay in that position.Through many years of observation, study and experimenting with his own business,Torrin uncovered the invisible barrier that was holding owners back. Now after 32years’ experience in business he devotes a lot of his time, while still running hissuccessful real estate company, to helping other business owners pull down theirinvisible barrier.He developed this into a simple coaching model that reveals the hiddendeterminants that will empower your business life to whatever outcomes you’relooking for.Torrin is now, through his business Attergy Coaching System helping many otherbusiness owners discover their own pathway to a fulfilled business life.Empowering Achievement with Courage.Take the time to talk to Torrin about your business journey – you’ll be better for theexperience.Support the showThanks for listening. Follow me on LinkedIn or check out my website.Do you have a leader you would like me to interview? Email me at craig@craigbulmer.com.au