Rejoicing Bones Announces Launch!

Rejoicing Bones

05-11-2021 • 1 min

Hey all!  After being gagged for many months over a legal case, I can now create vlog, blog and podcast content without worrying about lawyers getting on my case!  So, here I am!

We launch Rb's first ever podcast/video, Lord willing, on the 25th of November, which is the US Thanksgiving Day.  In that episode, we'll explain what happened on that fateful day in July, 2017, which set me up to lose my leg but find the love of God as I've never seen it!

From there, Rb will explore with you the realities of suffering, trials and pain and how joy can be there through it all!  Guests will come and help us make the case.

Big shout out to John and Jeannie, my latest viewers, for giving me the encouragement to do more!