#46 | How Mike Grew His Podcast Past 30,000 Monthly Downloads By Creating a Show With a Unique Angle

Why Your Podcast Isn't Growing: A Get More Listeners Podcast For Podcasters

20-11-2023 • 7 mins

In this episode, we have Mike Corradi explain how he grew his podcast past 30,000 monthly downloads and monetized it by focusing on a niche and creating a unique angle.

Mike also shares the importance of networking, collaborating with others, getting exposure where your listeners are, and getting honest feedback from friends.

Host Name: Mike Corradi

Show Name: A History of Italy

Current audience size at the point of publishing: 30,000 Monthly Downloads

Niche/Focus of show: History

You can find Mike here.

Every Monday, a successful podcaster with tens of thousands of listeners and a fully monetized show will leave you a 5-10 minute voice note sharing their stories, strategies, failures & the mindset needed to grow a successful show.

And this is one of those episodes.

So if you want to gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to build a successful podcast, scroll up and click play!

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