#38 | How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Podcast Audience Without Self-Promoting

Why Your Podcast Isn't Growing: A Get More Listeners Podcast For Podcasters

01-11-2023 • 33 mins

Social media is a terrible way to grow a podcast!

Want proof?

What’s your experience been like with it over the last few months?

You’ve been working long, hard and consistently. Creating, hosting and publishing amazing interviews.

I also suspect you’ve been promoting your podcast on social media.

Maybe you've started sharing promotional clips or are flirting with that as an idea.

The question I have for you is this…

Do you feel like what you have been doing when it comes to social media has been helping you gain new listeners?

Podcasters are told you need to promote constantly to grow. That is a lie!

You don’t.

In fact, relying on promoting alone is the reason why most podcasters struggle to grow.

Because they do the same things on social media over and over. But never pick up traction.

It’s a hamster wheel that only leads to frustration and more stress as you feel you’re screaming into an empty void or aren’t reaching the right people!

It pains me. And if that's you, I have exciting news.

There’s a better way to grow using social media.

Without having to constantly promote.

Without having to create audiograms.

Without having to pay a video editor to clip up your show.

There’s a little-known way of consistently turning strangers online into listeners of your show.

While most podcasters are stuck with the OLD way of growing…promoting.

We’re focused on the NEW WAY of anti-promotion!

And in this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why promoting your podcast on social media doesn’t help you get more listeners
  • Where most podcasters go wrong when it comes to social media promotions
  • How to reliably turn total strangers online into active listeners of your podcast without ever having to self-promote

So if you're ready to gain clarity around how to use social media to grow the right way, scroll up and click play.

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