#50 | Should You Hire A Social Media Manager As a Podcaster? (How To Grow With Podcasting)

Why Your Podcast Isn't Growing: A Get More Listeners Podcast For Podcasters

29-11-2023 • 16 mins

Are you frustrated with the lack of traction your podcast is getting?

Ever considered hiring professionals to handle tasks like show notes and social media promotion, but your growth remains stagnant?

Most believe it’s what they need to grow faster.

'It’ll give me more time, more focus, and an extra hand will surely help the show grow.'

But it rarely does.

You see, outsourcing tasks like show notes, and social media won't fix the underlying issues affecting your podcast's growth.

It’s not about the fancy tactics, a social media expert might make you short-form clips and sexy promotional Canva graphics…

But doesn’t help you gain more traction.

So enough of the surface-level approach to growing your podcast.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why Hiring a Social Media Expert/Manager Won't Solve Your Podcast Growth Challenges
  • What you should focus on instead for faster growth
  • What happens when you hire a social media manager without a proper podcast growth strategy

If you’re ready to face the truth, scroll up and click play.

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Content Pillars of ‘Why Your Podcast Isn’t Growing’

How to grow a podcast

How to build a content strategy

How to grow an engaged audience

How to get more listeners for your podcast

How to use social media to grow a podcast

Social media strategies for growing a podcast

Podcast SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Podcast growth strategies

How to build an audience with podcasting

Podcast marketing

Content marketing

Podcast guesting

This is not a podcast like, Podcasting Made Simple by Alex Sanfilippo, Grow The Show: How to Grow a Podcast Audience & Monetize by Kevin Chemidlin, School of Podcasting by Dave Jackson, Grow My Podcast Show by Deirdre Tshien by more like ‘Why Your Podcast Isn’t Growing’ by Anthony Nwaneri.

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