#32 | 5 Common Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your Podcast Engagement (Podcast SEO Part 4)

Why Your Podcast Isn't Growing: A Get More Listeners Podcast For Podcasters

18-10-2023 • 18 mins

A logical reason why Apple and Spotify suppress a podcast's reach...

It has nothing to do with being controversial or explicit.

And everything to do with your listening time.

This is also seen as your retention time.

This is the main user engagement metric Apple and Spotify use to determine whether you have a good or bad show.

Good show = high retention time.

Bad show = low retention time.

If listeners don’t listen through till the end of your podcast, it sends a bad signal to Apple and Spotify.

Whose goal is to keep users on their platforms.

The goal for you is to increase your retention time, get recommended to more listeners, and increase the number of listeners coming back to your podcast for more.

And that’s why in this episode, you’ll discover:

  • What user engagement is and why your podcast won't grow if yours is bad
  • The 5 mistakes most podcasters make that repel listeners from listening to their entire podcast
  • Simple tricks you can start implementing today to increase the listening time of your show

So if you're ready to discover the 5 common mistakes that could be hurting your podcast engagement and simple changes you can make today for faster growth, scroll up and click play.

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Content Pillars of ‘Why Your Podcast Isn’t Growing’

How to grow a podcast

How to build a content strategy

How to grow an engaged audience

How to get more listeners for your podcast

How to use social media to grow a podcast

Social media strategies for growing a podcast

Podcast SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Podcast growth strategies

How to build an audience with podcasting

Podcast marketing

Content marketing

Podcast guesting

This is not a podcast like, Podcasting Made Simple by Alex Sanfilippo, Grow The Show: How to Grow a Podcast Audience & Monetize by Kevin Chemidlin, School of Podcasting by Dave Jackson, Grow My Podcast Show by Deirdre Tshien by more like ‘Why Your Podcast Isn’t Growing’ by Anthony Nwaneri.

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