The Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs: The Key to Triumph in Life and Business! | 05

Entrepreneurial Underdog

24-03-2023 • 1 hr 7 mins

Welcome to entrepreneurial underdog, the podcast to fast track your journey to financial freedom. This episode is all about building healthy habits that will help you triumph in both life and business.

This episode will help you go from procrastination to prosperity by giving you the exact guide on how to structure your day and week. You’ll build healthy habits which will help you be disciplined and get things done at a fast pace.

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Stay tuned for the next hour and learn what is that one habit that every successful entrepreneur has in common.


(00:00) - snippet

(01:15) - Intro

(03:59) - Why is having good habits necessary?

(08:08) - Daily Routine Structure

(17:19) - What specific habits are awesome to build in your life first?

(23:49) - Why do you believe people procrastinate?

(30:52) - What is one thing our audience could do if they are in the position that they are not clear what to do?

(38:06) - Breaking down the most important habits for being an entrepreneur.

(46:29) - If you find yourself not being on the right path should you never quit?

(58:23) - Habits which are essential for running a business.


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