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096 -  What About Near-Death Experiences? with Dr Eben Alexander
096 - What About Near-Death Experiences? with Dr Eben Alexander
In this episode, we talk with Dr Eben Alexander, an American neurosurgeon and author. In 2008, he suffered a coma caused by a rare and mysterious bacterial meningo-encephalitis of unknown causes. We talk with him about his own near-death experience and his book, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife. Dr Alexander's links: Eben AlexanderDivision of Perceptual Studies - University of Virginia School of MedicineHome - Scientific and Medical NetworkHome - The Galileo CommissionBigelow Institute for Consciousness StudiesInner Sanctum CenterSacred Acoustics After our recording, we came upon three articles in particular that make some serious allegations against Dr Alexander. One is from Esquire Magazine and another from writer, Sam Harris. These were both quite hostile. The third is from the Harvard Crimson, and while it is certainly not hostile, it does echo many of the allegations made in the Esquire article. Dr. Eben Alexander Proof of Heaven Investigation (esquire.com)This Must be Heaven by Sam HarrisTo Do No Harm | The Harvard Crimson (thecrimson.com) We contacted Dr Alexander about these articles and the allegations they make, and his assistant replied with the following links: First, Robert Mays, an NDE researcher and longtime leader of IANDS.org, wrote a thorough article criticizing the journalism of Esquire's author: JNDS_ Winter 2016 2PP.indd (unt.edu) A peer-reviewed article published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease (flagship journal for physicians in neurology & psychology), by Bruce Greyson et al. It is about Eben's personal case, from the standpoint of a lifelong NDE researcher and colleagues: nmd50598 744..747 (virginia.edu) and more about the professors in the department, so you know their calibre of work and background: Faculty and Staff - Division of Perceptual Studies (virginia.edu)A reply from Eben during another interview, re: Sam Harris' allegations: Eben Alexander answers skeptics' criticisms (iands.org) A valuable set of essays about consciousness, several of which cite Eben's case study in their work: Essay Contest - Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies. Start with the winning entry by Jeff Mishlove and then peruse other topics.  -- Want more? Check out our exclusive Patreon episodes here.  Transcript of this episode is here. Podcast links: https://linktr.ee/iwatf  Doubting your beliefs? Have questions about changing or leaving your faith? You are not alone and Recovering from Religion is here to help. Please visit: https://www.recoveringfromreligion.org/  Deconversion Therapy Podcast