366: Blueprint for Freedom: Building a Self-Sustaining Roofing Business with Benny Fisher

The Roofer Show

09-02-2024 • 53 mins

We have an exciting show for you today! My usual co-host, John DeLaurier, is not joining us today, but we have a great repeat guest. He is Benny Fisher, the founder and visionary of The Big Fish Contracting Company, a leading provider of roofing, siding, and gutter services in Pennsylvania. He has joined forces with Contractor Dynamics, a move that amplifies his impact on the contractor community.

As an entrepreneur, public speaker, coach, consultant, and marketer, Benny inspires and guides contractors in scaling their businesses and achieving greater heights. He also hosts The Big Fish Cares Podcast, which shares the stories and journeys of influential people from all walks of life to inspire others.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What’s new with Benny and The Big Fish Cares Podcast
  • How Benny discovered his true passion and purpose
  • Why the majority of contractors shouldn’t be in business
  • Why Benny calls himself a facilitator
  • Tangible takeaways from The Big Fish:
  • You are the general contractor of your marketing.
  • You can’t do it all. (Learn what to outsource and what to do in-house.)
  • You can’t win without communication and accountability.
  • You can’t pay your way out of marketing.
  • You want to be omnipresent–be everywhere.
  • 5 steps to becoming “five-mile famous”: clarity, creating value through content, distribution, tracking your ads, analyzing/adjusting
  • Why consistency is the key to marketing
  • How Benny created The Arena Mastermind, the world’s best contracting mastermind
  • Why building the best brand is NOT all about profit
  • Benny’s hack to get 5-star customer reviews


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