Pretty Good Jason Statham (feat. The Playdate)

Into the Aether - A Low Key Video Game Podcast

10-04-2024 • 1 hr 41 mins

Oi bruv. Check 'is thing out. It's a "PlayDate" and that there's the crank. Go on. Give it a whirl, yeah?

Brendon's Backloggd list of PlayDate titles:

Discussed: The Playdate, mobile gacha games, Apple being pressured to allow emulators on the App Store, The Crank, Video Game Podtimism, games on the Playdate, Mars After Midnight, SatOlite, Celeste Classic, Bloom, Shining/Shadow Gadget, Root Bear, rougelikes, Under the Castle (listen to Podtimism!), Rendsword, cranking on the subway, Brendon's piece about Domino Drop, Pocket Pets, Recommendation Dog, The Simorgh, MDMA: Mega Dystopia Micro Architect, what makes the Playdate special, solitaire, Quandino, PlayDOOM, Seaman 2024, crank to "Honk", Lost Odyssey, Frieren the Wanderer, Dungeon Meshi, Solo Leveling, updates and announcements.
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  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (00:22) - A future of infinite possibilites
  • (05:45) - The Playdate | Everyone's favorite yellow square
  • (39:52) - Listen to Video Game Poditimism for more Playdate talk!
  • (40:31) - The Playdate | Games on the Playdate
  • (40:41) - Mars After Midnight | Games on the Playdate
  • (48:34) - SatOlite | Games on the Playdate
  • (53:13) - Celeste (Pico8) | Games on the Playdate
  • (54:01) - Bloom | Games on the Playdate
  • (57:14) - Shining/Shadow Gadget | Games on the Playdate
  • (01:01:31) - Root Bear | Games on the Playdate
  • (01:03:43) - Roguelikes! | Games on the Playdate
  • (01:06:20) - Under the Castle | Games on the Playdate
  • (01:07:10) - Rendsword | Games on the Playdate
  • (01:10:06) - BBs future with the Playdate
  • (01:12:17) - Pocket Pets | Games on the Playdate
  • (01:14:42) - Recommendation Dog | Games on the Playdate
  • (01:16:22) - The Simorgh | Games on the Playdate
  • (01:18:09) - MDMA: Mega Dystopia Micro Architect | Games on the Playdate
  • (01:20:36) - What makes Playdate games interesting
  • (01:29:56) - A wrap up fake out
  • (01:35:58) - Marker 02
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