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Shining Light on Native American Trauma & the MMIW Movement with Cheyenne Lasiter
Shining Light on Native American Trauma & the MMIW Movement with Cheyenne Lasiter
Do you truly understand the devastating impact of colonization and cultural assimilation on Native American communities? What if you could gain heart-wrenching insight into the history and ongoing trauma faced by these indigenous communities? Brace yourself for a deep and poignant conversation with the incredible Cheyenne Lasiter, a passionate advocate for Native American rights.In this eye-opening discussion, we unravel the chilling legacy of the residential school system which ripped thousands of indigenous children from their homes, forcing them into an alien culture. The recent grim discovery of thousands of these children's bodies in unmarked graves is a stark reminder of this horrific past. We also delve into the powerful Every Child Matters movement honouring these innocent souls. Unraveling further, we explore the painful impact of generational trauma and the cyclical struggle of poverty and abuse in these communities. Cheyenne shares her own powerful story of resilience and healing, highlighting the importance of breaking these destructive cycles. As we wrap up, we shed light on the alarming crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) and the urgent steps needed to address it. Join us as we explore tangible ways to create positive change, including participating in the upcoming Maple Leaf Festival parade with its MMIW float. Your participation could make a world of difference, so don't miss our final announcement on how you can show solidarity with the Native American communities.Support the show