Simple Smart Investing Brought to you by Cory Shrader, CFA, CFP

Welcome to The Simple Smart Investing Podcast, with your host Cory Shrader, CFA, CFP, CMT founder of Black Creek Wealth Management in Jacksonville, Florida. With over 15 years of investment experience in such areas as trading stocks and options, portfolio management, and real estate, Cory is the coach to turn to for investing advice. This show will help you gain confidence when you own your financial decisions. Over his 12+ years of planning and investment management, Cory has seen countless cases of people having too much information to make a comfortable decision, or what is known as paralysis by analysis. Through this podcast it is his mission to make the complex simple, take the noise and distill it in a way that everyone can understand. Each week will be dedicating time to take a skeptical look at actual investments and trading strategies. read less