One Maine Group: The Resources (Part B)

Black Owned Maine Podcast

20-10-2021 • 36 mins

Episode 3 - Resources - Finding Resources and Becoming a Resource (Part B): Genius Black and Sherry Butler discuss how giving exposure to Black-owned businesses around the Dallas - Fort Worth area was Sherry’s initial goal. Now she is the administrator of a large Facebook group called “Black Owned Businesses around DFW,” and actively curates the experience and promotions within the group. They discuss how Sherry utilized her local "Pan-African Connection," and the local SBA who is exploring diversity. Sherry encourages entrepreneurs to trust their intuition to guide them. She also exposed ‘front’ businesses who falsely appeal to African Americans, as if they are ‘Black’ owned. The trickery is real.

One Maine Group is a strategic partnership developed by Black Owned Maine (“BOM”) and Providentia Group (“Providentia”) to cultivate BIPOC economic agency and power that has been dampened by historical inequities and systemic disparities. One Maine is launching 2021 programming to determine what works to nurture and sustain the entrepreneurial aspirations for BIPOC Mainers.

Sherry's Resources:

Black Owned Businesses Around DFW

Buy She

Pan African Connection

4466 S Marsalis Ave

Dallas 75216

For Oak Cliff

907 E. Ledbetter Dr

Dallas 75216

Genius Black

Instagram: @realgeniusblack

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Krystal Williams

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Rose Barboza

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