PvP Corner 160

GOCast: a Pokémon GO Podcast

15-03-2024 • 1 hr 23 mins

Caution! This episode goes off on multiple winding tangents! FishOnAHeater and DPhiE talked even more about Spring Cup this week as well as chat about weather “week.”  They also dove more into the Devon Zodiac Cup meta and recap the Goiânia Regional Tournament in Brazil.  Congratulations to LNDsTSteinar for becoming the Goiânia Regional Champion! People were really excited to talk about building  Pokémon for Master League, so Fish and DPhiE chatted about strategies from the community, both for Free to Play players and ones who are willing to put in a little bit of cash.

We have some early-season achievements to celebrate! Sregachuelo hit Ace Rank in the GO hit Ace Rank in their fastest time yet, JyLuvsLatinaz also hit Ace Rank and Freyaamber reached Trainer Level 47. Congratulations trainers!

Time Codes:

00:00:00 - Intro

00:08:52- GBL

00:20:04 - In-game events

00:34:58 - Grassroots PvP

00:48:01 - Play! Pokémon

01:00:13- Mailbag

01:16:58 - Achievements

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