Karta Who or what is the doer?

Armory of Khalsa Parchar

03-01-2024 • 1 hr 15 mins

What is happening when one attempts to do something? Are you doing it? Are you the conditions of the past? Are you responsible for the past actions? What to do if one is not the doer? All is answered in this podcast. Thank you for listening.


Must of Gurbani expands on Sanatan Dharam, sufi, and metaphysical concepts but from the Advait (Non-Dual) perspective so as a warning please realize that we are all learning and attempting to understand Gurbani from our practical experiences of life and the plethora of information that is available. Please excuse any ignorance and aid in the guidance to the oneness of the Guru by contacting us and sharing your thoughts all criticism is welcomed good or bad our love for the Sangat is unconditional.