Nirvar Without enemy in me

Armory of Khalsa Parchar

04-01-2024 • 52 mins


Must of Gurbani expands on Sanatan Dharam, sufi, and metaphysical concepts but from the Advait (Non-Dual) perspective so as a warning please realize that we are all learning and attempting to understand Gurbani from our practical experiences of life and the plethora of information that is available. In the canon of Gurmat Sikhia(teachings) and history there is so much to uncover and learn, therefore we have made it our mission to attempt to decipher such complex ideologies, concepts and ways of being that seem foreign to the average person then present it to you for your journey into oneness. Ignorance is just apart of the process and we can not please everyone so please excuse any ignorance and aid in the guidance to the oneness of the Guru by contacting us and sharing your thoughts, constructive criticism is welcomed because our love for the Sangat and this mission is unconditional.

In this episode we discus the healing of seeing one in all as anyone in me(enemy). We discus how to be within oneness even through trauma such as war, rape, murderer and prisoner reform. This episode may be heavy to far warning in cause one is not ready to face their issues.

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