The Flipped Lifestyle Story (Chapter 3): The Worst Day of Our Lives

Flipped Lifestyle™ Podcast

28-12-2021 • 45 mins

Hey y’all! Today’s episode of The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast is a “Best Of” episode! For those who are new to the podcast, these episodes will tell the story of where Shane & Jocelyn started, and how they got to where they are today.

For those who are long-time listeners, these episodes will motivate you and show you what is possible with online business. Our goal is to bring our best content every week, so you have everything that you need to build a better future for your family. So wherever you are listening today, enjoy this week’s episode of the Flipped Lifestyle Podcast.

This story will inspire you, show you what is possible, and how you can do it, too.

Highlights of this chapter:

Our wedding

Our career pivots

The worst day of our lives — the catalyst that pushed us closer to a more non-conventional way of living.

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