Ep 07: How Nike's customer experience & digital transformation effort provided them competitive edge.

The Experience Business

19-08-2020 • 5 mins

In the seventh episode of "THE EXPERIENCE BUSINESS" podcast, Samir presents the case study of Nike to differentiate in the market and gain a competitive edge.Nike's was losing its dominance in US sneaker in 2017 to its competitors like Addidas. They were soon to realise that they can have dominance only by being customer focussed. So, they decided to focus on deepening the customer relationship by investing in Digital Transformation initiatives with the goal to provide greater Customer Experience.In this podcast, we will cover:-Nike's triple-double strategy to improve customer experience.Why Nike cut down on multiple product lines to focus on only a few products?How they succeeded in Direct to Consumer strategy but cutting down the majority of their retail partners?Why they invested in Employee's career to further achieve their goal?How their focus on being innovative and adopting technology helped them achieve what they are today not just as a sneaker company rather a platform for everything athletes.

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