Ep 10: Effective marketing research for the right customer messaging in product marketing w/ Kira Tchernikovsky and Raj Kuchibatla

The Experience Business

28-08-2020 • 47 mins

In the tenth episode, Samir Kumar Sah invites Kira Tchernikovsky (Product Marketing & integrated communication manager, HSBC) and Raj Kuchibhatla (Global Head of Research & Insights, Key Media) to discuss about the effective strategies to conduct market research for getting the right messaging for customers in Product Marketing.In the pandemic, it became obvious that the message should be insightful to resonate with the customer to cut through the noise. This is especially important for product marketing in the B2B space where often product functionality message beats customer-centricity. In this episode, we unlock the power market intelligence and research for product marketing. Questions answered for the listeners are:-Challenges of Product Markers in getting the right messaging for customers?How research can help choose those messages?Information needed to gather storytelling. How to get that information to craft effective storytelling based on data?The critical role of Qualitative and Quantitative initiatives in Insights gathering.How to turn these communication assets into an effective campaign?Success metrics to choose.--------------------------------More About Guests:-Kira Tchernikovskyhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kiratchernikovsky/Kira Tchernikovsky is a senior Global Marketing Program Lead, connecting product, marketing and sales. She is Product Marketing and integrated communication manager with HSBC 15+ years of experience in marketing space.Raj Kuchibhatla https://www.linkedin.com/in/rkuchibhatla/Raj Kuchibhatla is the Global Head of Research & Insights at Key Media. With over 20 years of experience in helping to map out and communicate the customer story, Raj has a wealth of knowledge in how custom research can be a driver to consistent and effective brand engagement strategies.-------------------------------------Connect with the Host:-Samir Kumar Sah, Founder & CEO, Pritborhttps://linkedin.com/in/imsamirkumarsah/---------------------------------------For getting additional details about the podcast, visit:-https://pritbor.com/podcasts/ This podcast is available in all popular podcast apps. And if you like it, please share, subscribe and must provide the review on Apple podcast.

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