Ep 14: How learning and development leaders can improve employee experience w/ Anil Santhapuri

The Experience Business

17-10-2020 • 53 mins

Employee Experience is a new Customer Experience.  A happy and engaged employee can go above and beyond for the success of an organisation. If a company invests in the learning and skill development of their employees, it has a chance to win the trust of their employees. It shows you care for their career.

In the fourteenth episode, host Samir Kumar Sah invites Anil Santhapuri, Director L&D where Anil shares how L&D leaders can improve the employee experience.

What we are discussing with Anil here:-

  1. What are Anil's roles and responsibilities in CGI as a Director of L&D?
  2. Where Companies Go Wrong with Learning and Development?
  3. What needs to change in L&D for better employee Experience?
  4. When you joined CGI what was the first thing you found must change in the organisation? And how did you work on it?
  5. What was the one L&D programme you led so far in your career you are very proud of? And what were your learnings from what you wanted to share with other leaders?
  6. How do you ensure in CGI and in general that the expectations are met before and after programmes are rolled out for the employees?
  7. How do you identify the gap and take the initiative to invest in technology for L&D?

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