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The twisted minds a couple of messed up guys in need of therapists. They talk about everything you don't talk about. They warp the warped. Be warned - this may not be for you. Or anyone. This is the only podcast you'll ever need....if even you don't want it. So sit back....grab your gavels....and judge away! read less


Episode #147 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! - Find the Family Cocaine
Episode #147 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! - Find the Family Cocaine
Shakey lost his notes about the side gig.  The dogs chirp and gum everything.  Shakey has issues with communications due to tropical storms.  Family therapy over the holidays is something that every psychopath family needs.  Where's the family stash of Columbian Snow.  Who does team roping?  Don't do it - it will crush your spine!! Bee's not only sting - they cause car accidents and almost kill people and so do ants.Who's gonna Die in 2024 - JAKE - Phil Colins SHAKEY - Joe BiddenJAKE - Bruce WillisSHAKEY - Richard SimmonsJAKE - Kareem Abdul JabbarSHAKEY - Tiger WoodsUFC 300 - get it on.  Shout out to the Bombastic!!! NFL Shenanigans - Shakey will not play fantasy football ever again until next season.  Close the blinds. Who's woke?  We be woke!  Shout out Savage Cu Nt Training.  Jakey's word is "Creativity" - he's going to learn an instrument and write a book.  Speedboat the clit and get the shit.  We're not a pedo - just in case you want to know.  Shakey gonna fast and eat the dogs.  The holy trinity of puking pooping jizzing.  Confused yet?If you like to judge us just by listening - you should really go over to the Tick Tock and watch us make a fool of our selves. @getjudgedpodcast on all platforms. Dust off those gavels and get judging. Comment, subscribe, DM, wave, poke, like, send nudes - whatever you want to do - just do something you lazy POSYour problems aren't big cause they ain't ours.Your problems aren't big cause they ain't ours.