The Ultimate Gamerverse

Tony Zook

The Ultimate Gamerverse is dedicated to all things gaming! From retro gaming to modern games and consoles, host Tony Zook has been gaming for as long as he can remember. Tony has hosted other podcasts in the past, most notably, Everything but the Podcasts. Through that show he has conducted interviews with some amazing guests. From actors and directors to artists and musicians, Tony has interviewed people in all forms of entertainment. Now he has decided to tackle something new! Gaming has been as much a part of Tony’s life as his own loving wife so it seemed a perfect fit for a new podcast! Tony will be talking about his favorite games and memories both current and older while simultaneously bringing in some special guest co-hosts and friends to share in the experience! In the future we hope to have the chance to bring on guests in game development to talk about their games and what goes into them! Sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride as Tony and his friends gear up and max out their stats on a wonderful journey through gaming’s past, present and future! read less