386: Echo Show 10 Review, Radio on VLC, and Plenty of Emails

RNIB Tech Talk

13-07-2021 • 57 mins

Hello to you, and to you... and especially you!

Tech Talk is here once again with another deep dive into the world of accessible gadgets and gismos. This week, Steven, Robin, Tim and Emails Andy tackle more from the emails inbox, including emails meant for other departments! Aside from that, we dish out tips and tech must-haves when entering the workplace for the first time - what headphones work best with JAWS, that wont cut out the sound of the phone ringing? What is best for reading documents, that wont cut text off?

Also, Robin (and Faith) give us an audio demo of the Amazon Echo Show 10 device - the screen can follow you round the room, always keeping you in frame, but does that make them any less accessible to blind people, and also... is it worth the steep price tag?

Remember the good old days of using your FM, AM or Long Wave radio to tune into your favourite far flung stations? Did you know that you can use the latest apps on your smartphone or computer to achieve the same result? Dinos from RNIB's Technology For Life team returns to talk to us about listening to radio stations through the VLC media app.

All that, plus complaints about the temperature, hoodles, a whole load of Rachels, firmware installation issues, accessible nightmares, and a big woofer.

Stick around until the end to hear a plug from Tim!

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Until we speak again!