The State of EI in 2024

EI at Work

04-03-2024 • 23 mins

The State of EI for 2024 – what does it look like, what are the trends and what you can expect to see from Genos International this year.

Join hosts Dr. Ben Palmer and Marie El Daghl as they discuss the critical role of emotional intelligence in today's labour market, and the strategies that are shaping the future for productivity and customer service.

Ben and Marie share the Genos International 2024 priorities and the first details of the Genos International 2024 Global Conference - happening this September in Bangkok. The Global Conference is the perfect opportunity for practitioners to expand their knowledge and connect with industry experts from around the world, hear all about it in this episode.

Join Dr Ben Palmer, CEO of Genos International and other Certified Practitioners from around the world at this year’s 2024 Global Conference.

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