Compromise Crew Ep 7; A Skeptical Offer

The Guild Hall

07-02-2021 • 1 hr 25 mins

It's now time for our party to decide on some new quests to prepare for as Nilhav travels along the seasonal oceanic currents. While waiting, they see one that seems easy enough, probably one that they could finish before arriving at their next location and earning a silver token for the Hydra Tournament to boot. Oh, those sweet summer children. They should know better by now.

DM & Editor: Jacob
Talvalin: Levi
Kokichi Ouma: Cygnus
Alexavier Drexel: Savanah
Private Silver: Aldin
Sausage Truck: Kyle

Sound Effects and Music from Storyblock

Psychotic Clown Theme, By Bobby Cole

Fortitude - Light Mix,
By Lance Conrad