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An award-winning retirement podcast dedicated to helping you lower taxes, invest smarter, and make work optional Do you want to avoid overpaying the IRS in retirement? Or learn how to prepare for the next stock market crash? How about when to take Social Security and how to turn your investments into reliable retirement income? Hey there! I'm CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Taylor Schulte, and I was recently named the #2 Independent Financial Advisor in the U.S. by Investopedia. Each week on this retirement podcast, I'll answer BIG financial questions and help you "stay wealthy" in retirement. read less


The Best Retirement Account, Making Investment Changes, and More!
The Best Retirement Account, Making Investment Changes, and More!
There is no shortage of questions when it comes to navigating and planning for retirement. ➤ How much do I need to save?  ➤ How do I optimize my tax bill and avoid overpaying the IRS?  ➤ When do I take Social Security?  ➤ What should I invest in? (And what should I avoid?!) The list goes on. And while you’ve likely read (or heard) helpful answers to most of the big questions, it never hurts to revisit them or get a different perspective. In fact, some studies suggest that it can take hearing something 7 times before you retain it 🤯 Today on the show, I’m answering listener questions with the Retirement Answer Man himself, Roger Whitney. Questions like, “What account type is the best retirement account type to fund after you’ve reached your savings goals?”  And, “What’s the best process for making important changes to your investments after learning you aren't invested properly?”  If you want to hear our answers to these great questions (and more!), you’ll enjoy this episode. *** FREE RETIREMENT PLANNING RESOURCES: Subscribe to the Stay Wealthy Retirement Newsletter! As a thank you, you'll receive three (3) of my MOST popular retirement & tax cheatsheets.  You'll also receive my weekly retirement newsletter :)  👉 Click here to subscribe and grab your cheatsheets. *** EPISODE RESOURCES: 📊  Get Your FREE Retirement & Tax Analysis! ✏️  Grab the Episode Show Notes 📘  Check Out the Retirement Podcast Network