7. Boosting Your Resume


09-08-2020 • 15 mins

Are you seeing more jobs rejections than you'd like?
Maybe you're not even getting to speak to a real person before you've get cast aside?
You must be getting stopped by ATS - Applicant Tracking Systems.

Not to fear - I've got 5 tantalizing tips that will give your Resume some WHOOMPH so you can bypass the machine check.
These tips will give you a much better chance of getting your CV/Resume into the hands of a living human being, and get you one step closer to getting that dream position.

One of the tools we talk about is ResumeWorded (https://bit.ly/2DyycR2), and they were kind enough to give a whopping 25% discount code for their Quarterly and Annual Plans. Nice! Just use the code SPEAKINGSOFTWARE at checkout!

All Tools that we talk about this episode, and that you should TOTALLY use:
(Some of these have free versions/services, but others may carry a cost.)

I'll explain all about ATS, and these tools above - so you can focus on preparing for interviews, instead of worrying if you'll even get them!

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